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CCA Opens More Seats for Ocali Charter High School Student Enrollment

Ocali Charter High School Ad

Due to the success of our official launch of Ocali Charter High School, the Board has opened more seats for students to attend this year's inaugural launch! If you are frustrated at your current school, struggling with learning due to large class sizes, finding it challenging to make new friends or fit in? WE SEE YOU!

And our high school was built around making learning fun, interactive, and centered around community! Along with small class sizes, safe environment, and a supportive culture, we offer innovated programs, interactive learning experiences, and personalized attention to help empower you to succeed.

Ocali Charter High School Online Business Incubator Program

Check Out Our OBI Program

In addition to core classes, students will participate in our Online Business Incubator Program (OBI), affording students the opportunity to create their own, fully operational, online business by the time they graduate.

How cool is that?

Plus we offer Advanced Placement (AP) Classes, Career and Technical Education (CTE), Financial Education and Entrepreneurship, Extra-Curricular Activities and Clubs, and SO MUCH MORE!

So what are you waiting for? Enroll, TODAY, and discover something different. Something new at Ocali Charter High School.

Contact the school at 352.322.2797 or visit

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