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Clear Choice Academies, Inc. is a Florida-based, non-profit, tax-exempt education provider, with a growing network of tuition-free, public charter schools that provide world-class educational choices for Florida families. Our core values are strategically reflected in our name and serve as our foundational principles of operation. 

Our Mission

The Mission of Clear Choice Academies, Inc. is to impact the Community by developing Leaders through Empowerment, Accountability, and Respect virtues. 

We accomplish this by engaging parents and guardians to create a positive learning environment at home that supports what the student is learning in school. We equip and empower instructors with the tools, resources, and freedom to teach by creating practical hands-on learning opportunities that take what students learn in class and apply it to real-life scenarios. We build community by inviting leaders, business owners, and charities to interact with our students through volunteerism, skills training, and career choice opportunities. And we help students identify marketable skills, gifts, and talents that will help prepare them for college, career, and successful life choices in the future.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create a world-class academic movement of servant leaders who are engaged in learning, equipped with the tools and resources to make successful life choices, and empowered to impact their communities in a positive and productive way.

Our Values

Clear Choice Academies is “building brighter futures for today's generation,” and we consider everyone a "gem" - a priceless, unique, one-of-a-kind, precious, and valuable member.  And we build our students to reflect these values:

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The Emerald

The Sapphire

The Amethyst

The Ruby

The Citrine

Mission | Vision | Values

What Makes Us Different?

Smaller, Open Classroom Setting

Our classroom environment inspires more personalized learning through strategic grouping that enables students to be more focused and engaged in academics.

Flexibility to Meet Student Needs

Teachers are inspired and empowered to identify challenges, implement new ideas, and make small adjustments to meet student needs, which is much more difficult in larger populations.

Reduced Organizational Complexity

Smaller operations greatly reduce the complexity and overhead needed to function.

Enhanced Community

Our school fosters student connections and building relationships with peers, family members, staff, and community.

Increased Security & Safety

Unlike most schools, our school has an open-concept floor plan the utilizes moveable partitions with open sight-lines that provide greater flexibility in adjusting the classrooms to accommodate size or needs, teacher-to-teacher interaction, and elimination of closed door classrooms.

Empowerment & Ownership

Students and staff achieve higher standards when empowered to take ownership, and become engaged in creating the positive and productive atmosphere for their working environment.  This increases retention, enrollment, and overall success.

The Difference
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