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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of professionals with diverse backgrounds in law, real estate, marketing, finance, engineering, medical, military, engineering, and non-profit management.  Each member serves for a specific term, as determined by our By-Laws.

Executive Leadership Team

With extensive expertise in academia and non-profit management, our leadership team consists of individuals with diverse backgrounds and many years of experience in secondary education.

Board Meetings

Regularly scheduled Board meetings are held once per quarter.  Occasionally, the Board may hold an "emergency" or "special meeting," to discuss and/or vote on a pressing item that may not be able to wait for the next regularly scheduled meeting.  All meetings are publicly noticed via our calendar (located on the main page of this website, as well as posted at the entrances to our schools, in advance of the meeting.  Meeting locations, dates, and times will be included.


All meetings are open to the public, and may be conducted at a physical location and/or via online video conference with a public link for accessibility and participation.  Minutes of the meeting will be taken by the Secretary of the Board and submitted for review and approval at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.  Once approved, those meeting minutes are uploaded to our website under the PUBLIC RECORDS section for view.   

Guests and attendees will be required to maintain standard meeting decorum and etiquette, and may submit requests to speak on specific topics to the Chairman of the Board.  

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