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Records Archive

Clear Choice Academies, Inc. complies with the Florida "Sunshine Law" Statutes, providing the following documentation for public review and consumption:

Custodian of Records

All requests for public records should be submitted in writing to our Custodian. 


Requests may take 7-14 business days (excluding holidays) to complete.  Unless otherwise required by law, the custodian of public records may charge a fee for remote electronic access, granted under a contractual arrangement with a user, which fee may include the direct and indirect costs of providing such access. Fees for remote electronic access provided to the general public shall be in accordance with the provisions of this section.  Fees for printing are .15 cents per single side, .20 cents for double side, and an additional $1 for certified copies.

For further information or requests, please contact our Custodian of Records:

Teecy Matthews, Executive Director​

Clear Choice Academies, Inc.

352 | 264-9940 PH/FX

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