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What's in a Name?

The story behind Clear Choice Academies' name and logo...

We say "our core values are C.L.E.A.R." CLEAR is an acronym that identifies each of our core values: Community | Leadership | Empowerment | Accountability | Respect.

And each value is represented by a "gem" color, because we believe our staff, students, and parents are the real "gems" of the school's value. When you look at the name, Clear Choice Academies, our intention is to use the play on words that our schools are the "clear choice" when it comes to school choice, while also reminding us of what our values are and how they lay the foundation for everything we do.

Let's evaluate what each value defines:

Community - the Emerald: Community service is key to the success of our schools. It is a mutual opportunity for students to become engaged in their communities, while learning hands-on, experiential skills that cannot be taught in a classroom setting. In addition, community leaders become active participants in student education, school sponsorship, and life-changing experiences.

Leadership - the Sapphire: Building leaders and identifying hidden skills and talents in each student is a core focus of our curriculum at every level. While not every student is a natural-born leader, we believe every student has the potential to lead the change in creating their future and making choices that will change trajectories and their communities.

Empowerment - the Amethyst: Removing common barriers to learning and empowering students and staff to engage in both traditional and non-traditional educational opportunities, inside and outside of the classroom setting, will build confidence and open the world to student exploration, career choices, and life changes.

Accountability - the Ruby: Establishing solid guidelines for personal responsibility builds integrity, confidence, and trust in each other. Being accountable to leaders, peers, and one’s self sets forth values for successful living and career advancement.

Respect - the Citrine: Respect for each other is key to breaking down barriers of gender, race, differing beliefs, and inequalities. Learning to respect one another, despite differences, opens the door to better understanding of the human race, cultural experiences, and better communities.

Each gem builds the foundation of core values that support our "Diamonds," which represent our staff, students, and parents - the most precious gems of all!

Gems are evaluated by the Four "Cs:"

Carat - the weight of one's convictions,

Color - the depth of one's imagination,

Clarity - the density of one's understanding,

Cut - the strength of one's character.

Together, our values are CLEAR!

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